This Audio Option Is Par for the Course

Lack of dash space is not a problem for this perfect audio solution.

There are many things to consider when installing audio in your golf car. Perhaps the most important is the realization that dash space doesn’t exist. Far too often we have seen recommendations that are not realistic. We have a few suggestions for you.

The first option is our MIL-AMP200BT amplifier with 4 of our MIL-SPK352BG speakers. The MIL-AMP200BT amplifier is a 4 channel amplifier with Bluetooth. The MIL-SPK352BG is a small 3.75” O.D. (outer diameter) marine speaker. Overall, the mantra is small size, big sound. Once you have wired this solution, simply enter the vicinity of your golf car and pair your smart device via Bluetooth. Then control volume and track with your phone.

The second option is our MIL-BC2 Pre-Amp Bluetooth controller. The MIL-BC2, as its description suggests, means that an additional amplifier is required. The cool thing about this option is that you can stow your phone and then control your phone through the controller. So, the components needed would be:

  • MIL-BC2 (Pre-amp controller)
  • Amplifier (any amplifier would do but we suggest either the MIL-MA100 or the JBLApexPA454).
  • Speakers