The Lost Art of the Music Poster

Posters bring back memories and those memories are a Beautiful thing

If you love music, then the token asset proving you were at the concert is either a t-shirt or a poster. In the words of the band Cake, “how do you afford your rock’n’roll lifestyle”? With a t-shirt, not only is it a piece of comfortable attire to wear but it is a badge of honor, proudly symbolizing that you are a supporter of that band or artist.

I attend concerts regularly, and I regularly see that vinyl is always for sale as are t-shirts. Stickers are always an option as well. But, posters are becoming a relic of the past. Not only is a poster an artistic expression but is a relatively inexpensive way to bring in sales. The original Woodstock poster was clever and is an iconic staple of that concert. Not that the concert needed any help, mind you.

My home office is covered with posters from floor to ceiling summing up my concert experiences or my favorite bands or artists. I’ve been to a few concerts recently and sadly, there has been no poster for sale. Is it too expensive aka is the minimum run too much? Are weak sales dictating the lack of posters? Heck, check out EBay when you get a chance and you will see some posters selling for hundreds of dollars. Perhaps it’s the greed of consumers that turns off the artist from producing posters?

Whatever the reason, please bring back the music poster!